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We're more than just ink on paper

We're more than just ink on paper

Corporate Social Responsibility — GoetzConnects

Making a difference begins when you partner with us.

At Goetz Printing, we think inside the globe. Community Matters is our business because we are connected to the community in which we serve. Everything we do carries consequence—both positive and negative—and it is everyone’s duty to analyze and understand the role, relationship and responsibility for the impact we make within our communities. It is important for us as individuals as well as corporate leaders to help support community-focused organizations, and their programs, to reach their target audience and meet intended goals. We do this through collaborative and creative strategies that help serve these organizations financially and through raising awareness as well as profile.


We would like to especially thank the American Society of Association Executive’s for their leadership in raising awareness on the topic of Social Responsibility. Goetz Printing attended ASAE’s Global Summit on Social Responsibility, which convened April 30-May 2, 2008. We proudly signed onto their Global Principles for Socially Responsible Associations & Nonprofits, and will continue to aspire towards the ideals set forth within its framework.


Going above and beyond our backyard is what GoetzConnects is ultimately about. It is the fundamental recognition that we are all connected and interdependent upon one another to make sound decisions that positively impact both our environment and global community today and for future generations. In a global marketplace, everyone is your neighbor.




6.7 billion people currently inhabit the earth. That’s 40 times more than at the start of the American Industrial Era, just a little more than a century ago.
Source — CIA Fact Book

More than 800 million people go to bed hungry every day, of which 300 million are children.
Source — The Millenium Project, United Nations

For Goetz it’s pretty simple. The environment and our community really matter. We only have one planet, and we ALL have to share it. We are intrinsically and undeniably tied to one another and to our environment. That’s just the way it is.

Do good. Make a difference.

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For more information or questions about our Social Responsibility initiatives, email green@goetzprinting.com.