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We're more than just ink on paper

We're more than just ink on paper

Corporate Social Responsibility — GoetzConnects

Making a difference begins when you partner with us.

At Goetz Printing, we think inside the globe. Community Matters is our business because we are connected to the community in which we serve. Everything we do carries consequence—both positive and negative—and it is everyone’s duty to analyze and understand the role, relationship and responsibility for the impact we make within our communities. It is important for us as individuals as well as corporate leaders to help support community-focused organizations, and their programs, to reach their target audience and meet intended goals. We do this through collaborative and creative strategies that help serve these organizations financially and through raising awareness as well as profile.


We would like to especially thank the American Society of Association Executive’s for their leadership in raising awareness on the topic of Social Responsibility. Goetz Printing attended ASAE’s Global Summit on Social Responsibility, which convened April 30-May 2, 2008. We proudly signed onto their Global Principles for Socially Responsible Associations & Nonprofits, and will continue to aspire towards the ideals set forth within its framework.


Going above and beyond our backyard is what GoetzConnects is ultimately about. It is the fundamental recognition that we are all connected and interdependent upon one another to make sound decisions that positively impact both our environment and global community today and for future generations. In a global marketplace, everyone is your neighbor.


When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world.”
–John Muir, Founder, The Sierra Club.


Goetz Printing is proud to be partnered with these outstanding organizations. We encourage you to visit their websites to learn more.

Amazon Conservation Association

Since 1999, the Amazon Conservation Association has been a pioneer in conserving Amazonian forests. It’s founding program provided support for Brazil nut harvesters in Peru, as an incentive for protecting the forest. ACA also established Peru’s first conservation concession in 2001.

The Los Amigos Conservation Concession comprises 360,000 acres of the lower Los Amigos watershed, as a buffer for world famous Manu National Park. ACA’s Los Amigos Biological Station has become one of the most active research centers in the Amazon. Then in 2005, ACA created Peru’s only research center focused on Andean cloud forest ecology and management, located along the border of Manu National Park.


“This is no time for complacency. Pressure to log and colonize this region grows daily. The protected areas are weak and, in some cases, exist only on paper. Large areas of state-owned habitat remain without protected status and have an uncertain land-use future. Government zoning for habitat protection and scientific research are thus a crucial first target for investment,” said Adrian Forsyth, President and co-founder of ACA. “A partnership with Goetz Printing is a positive step towards making this happen.”


By protecting the Los Amigos Conservation Concession, ACA helps defend an area that sequesters 79.4 million tons of carbon dioxide annually.

American Forest Foundation

The American Forest Foundation is committed to creating a future where North American forests are sustained by a public, which understands and values the social, economic, and environmental benefits they provide to our communities, our Nation, and the world.

Through its American Tree Farm System® and Center for Conservation Solutions programs, the Foundation provides resources and support for private family forest owners to help them be stewards of the land. Through it’s education program, Project Learning Tree®, the Foundation teaches students how to think, not what to think about complex environmental issues, providing the skills they need to make sound choices about the environment.


“As a conservation community, we face enormous challenges—addressing climate change, educating our youth about the environment, and slowing the loss of natural areas in communities across America. AFF, with our vast network of forest landowners, educators, and diverse partners, is uniquely positioned to address these issues. We make conservation happen on the ground,” said Tom Martin, President of AFF. “American Forest Foundation is delighted to partner with Goetz Printing. It enables us to continue to provide state of the art programs to over 120,000 people each year, said Director of Development, Laura Tuel.


Chartered by an act of congress in 1947, AMVETS is the most inclusive or the national veterans’ service organizations, with membership open to all who have served honorably since World War II regardless of overseas duty.


A volunteer-led organization representing nearly 250,000 veterans and their loved ones through 1,400 posts nationwide, AMVETS champions a mission to assist veterans, service members, and military families through a variety of national programs and community initiatives such as transition assistance, education and scholarship programs, claims and benefits advocacy, public policy action, youth leadership development, and support for homeless and at-risk veterans.


“For more than 60 years, AMVETS has taken to heart our mission of service set forth by our founders”, said AMVETS National Commander John C. Hapner. Our partnership with Goetz Printing will not only help us to provide much needed services to our veterans, it will also help AMVETS deliver our message to those who need to hear it.”

Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Washington

Founded in 1886, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Washington is one of the largest affiliates of Boys & Girls Clubs of America. BGCGW operates twenty Clubs, two outreach centers and a summer camp in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia serving over 30,000 youth annually between the ages of 6 and 18.


BGCGW offers a variety of programs in Character & Leadership Development, Education & Career Development, The Cultural Arts, Health & Life Skills and Sports, Fitness & Recreation.

“BGCGW is committed to serving the youth who need us most in the DC metropolitan area,” said BGCGW Vice President of Communications, Molly Boyle. “A partnership with Goetz Printing allows another venue through which we can communicate our mission and inform the community about our holistic youth development services and programs.”


Carbonfund.org is one of the country’s leading carbon reduction and offset organizations, making it easy and affordable for individuals, businesses and organizations to reduce their climate impact. Carbon offsets enable individuals and businesses to reduce carbon dioxide emissions they are responsible for in their everyday lives by investing in renewable energy, energy efficiency and reforestation projects where they are most cost effective. Carbonfund.org works with over 300 corporate and non-profit partners including Discovery, Volkswagen, Dell, JetBlue, Orbitz, Environmental Defense, and Lancôme.


“Goetz Printing has a history of being eco-conscious: it’s certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, Sustainable Forestry Initiative and the Program for the Endorsement of Forestry Certifications,” said Eric Carlson, Executive Director of Carbonfund.org. “Now Goetz Printing is taking the natural next step of offsetting its carbon footprint. We’re proud to help it go carbon-free.”

Derek Smith & Associates

Derek Smith & Associates is committed to expanding the levels of profitable environmentally responsible practices in the United States printing and paper industries, and bringing to the attention of consumers the powerful links that exist between those industries and climate control. Of equal importance is to draw attention to, and recognize the high standards of environmental performance, where they exist, of American printers and paper producers.


Nationally renowned speaker and author of EnviroPal, Derek Smith speaks across the United States to audiences throughout corporate America including fortune 500 companies, environmental Non-Governmental Organizations (eNGO’s), hospitals, community colleges and universities about the need for careful selection of both print manufacturer and paper to reflect environmental philosophies and awareness that match the realities of the twenty-first century.


“Goetz Printing is an outstanding example of the high levels of environmental responsibility, innovation and value-added performance. They stand out as a company that has fully understood that the combination of profitability and environmental responsibility offers opportunities for growth. Goetz is more than a printer; it is a contributor to the performance and profits of its customers,” said Derek Smith, President of Derek Smith & Associates.


Founded in 2000 by two former World Bank executives, GlobalGiving offers more than 800 high-impact grassroots level projects in more than 90 countries worldwide in a variety of themes ranging from education and healthcare to economic development and the environment.

GlobalGiving aggregates many donations from donors of all types and levels, creating a new source of reliable funds for project leaders working to improve social, economic and environmental conditions in their local communities and the world at large.


“GlobalGiving is only possible because of the giving hearts of so many people. We are honored to do the work that we do and are humbled by the generosity of strangers. We are always pleased to welcome new partners to the GlobalGiving community,” said Mari Kuraishi, President, GlobalGiving Foundation. “GlobalGiving is proud to partner with Goetz Printing in its efforts to be a responsible corporate citizen,” said GlobalGiving Business Development Manager, Marisa Glassman.


6.7 billion people currently inhabit the earth. That’s 40 times more than at the start of the American Industrial Era, just a little more than a century ago.
Source — CIA Fact Book

More than 800 million people go to bed hungry every day, of which 300 million are children.
Source — The Millenium Project, United Nations

For Goetz it’s pretty simple. The environment and our community really matter. We only have one planet, and we ALL have to share it. We are intrinsically and undeniably tied to one another and to our environment. That’s just the way it is.

Do good. Make a difference.

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For more information or questions about our Social Responsibility initiatives, email green@goetzprinting.com.