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We're more than just ink on paper

We're more than just ink on paper

About Spekta High Definition Screening

The need for improvement in screening technology

Despite dramatic advances in printing technology over the past several years, many of the most commonly used screening methods still leave a significant amount of high resolution image data out of the finished printed piece. As a result, printed materials limited by conventional 175 lpi (lines per inch) AM screening can lack the image crispness and color clarity they need to make an impact. FM screening solutions have proven too costly and entail their own set of technical issues. These problems represent missed opportunities for print customers because their materials are not reaching their full potential.

Goetz paves the way to higher print quality with SPEKTA

At Goetz, we’re always looking for ways to offer our customers a better solution. We were one of the first printers in the Mid-Atlantic region to offer SPEKTA High Definition Screening. This hybrid screening process combines the best of AM and FM screening to achieve a level of color fidelity, image detail and tonal range comparable to high frequency line screens of 300 lpi or higher.

SPEKTA enhances image clarity and tonal regularity to make your pieces even more compelling

Using the same standard print resolution data, SPEKTA provides twice the resolution of traditional processes, excellent tonal regularity and accurate registration without the moiré problems (jagged and broken lines) that can occur with other screening technologies. And because it's produced under standard printing conditions and does not require special training for our technicians, SPEKTA entails no additional costs to us, which means our costs stay competitive for you.

If you would like to see for yourself the difference SPEKTA can make with your printed pieces, please call a Goetz representative today at 703-569-8232 for more information and samples.