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Whether your project is a ‘Postal Flat’ or a ‘Postal Letter’, our experts will assist in de-mystifying the complex array of USPS guidelines to help deliver your project in the most efficient, effective and cost-sensitive method that fits your timeline and budget.

We provide data services such as CASS Certification, NCOA Compliance and merge/purge/de-duping of multiple mailing lists. We can help identify cost savings opportunities such as pre-sorting in place of standard rates when applicable—as well as offer list acquisition and more complex list hygiene services.

Your printed material can be processed with straight inkjetting or Cheshire labeling to more complex, personalized (laser printing) projects involving 2-way matches and multiple pick-ups with envelope insertion. Consider using a Live Stamp for a personal touch appeal and/or an Intelligent BarCode—alerting you via email ‘in real-time’ the moment that each specific recipient in your mail campaign has received their mail piece, allowing you to synchronize a follow-up email or phone call.

For larger print runs Goetz can help save you money by scheduling a co-mingling rate, which can potentially save you thousands of dollars! There are some pros and cons to this method of mailing that you ought to be aware of. The ‘cons’ include loosing some control over the processing phase where updates are rare and mail delivery can take longer—some mail destined for more heavily populated zip codes will likely arrive sooner than mail destined for less populated zip codes. Since your mail is being mixed in—or co-mingled—with other corporate mail, where trucks are being filled by zip code to receive the best rate, once the mail leaves the warehouse floor you are at the mercy of the co-mingle agent. So, if deadlines are not critical and the volume makes your piece eligible for this method, co-mingling

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As a Goetz customer, you have the option to store your finished printed print pieces at our facility and have us ‘pick and pack’ your materials for shipment as needed. Whether your project is a static (high-volume) piece or an ‘On-Demand’ customized VDP piece—or even a more complex cross media project requiring combinations of both conventional and digital VDP components to be matched for special ‘kitting’ services, we’ve got the know-how and in-house capabilities to meet your needs. Ordering items from existing inventory is easy through your Digital StoreFront account. Once we receive your order, we will retrieve, pack and ship your items quickly and efficiently.

We maintain dual accounts with both UPS and FedEx as well as with major trucking companies for larger, bulk shipments.

Relax and let us handle the details

This convenient service is ideal for larger print runs when you need a cost-effective way to store excess inventory and have your orders processed for you—hassle-free. If you have an organization-level Digital StoreFront account, you can arrange to create an ordering page customized with your brand and linked to our system. This enables customers to purchase your inventory items through your website while sparing you from the task of selecting, packaging and shipping each order yourself.

Pricing for this service varies depending on your needs. Please call a Goetz representative at 703.569.8232 for more information.