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We're more than just ink on paper

We're more than just ink on paper

QR (Quick Response) Codes

Imagine the Possibilities

Imagine The Possibilities

Imagine the possibilities with technology that combines the power of print with the interactive capabilities of the Internet. Technology that allows you to measure the impact of your print material, link consumers/members to key messaging or products and capture crucial consumer data for future strategic efforts. More than just a static pointer, QR Codes are also the vehicle for next generation of PURL enabled cross media campaigns. Print effectively delivers your message through skillful design, savvy paper selections, and dazzling print techniques—produced effectively, print is dependable. QR Codes allow you to bridge the digital divide and combine the proven power of print with the incredible and endless possibilities that emerge by embedding this code within your printed piece—enabling your printed message to connect with the World Wide Web, and to the URL or landing page of your choosing.
Plug and play—wi-fi enable your print today.

About QR Codes

QR (quick response) codes are a type of two-dimensional bar code that contain data in graphical format that is read by a Web mobile phone camera. They're most commonly deployed as pointers to direct people to a URL or website, but they can be used for many other purposes, including promotional coupons, V-card data, special events, YouTube videos, directions, photo galleries—pretty much anything you'd be able to access with an Internet browser. QR codes can be easily embedded within your traditional print piece. They allow you to expand on your message by encouraging your audience to further join you into cyberspace for a special message, and are often combined with a discount offer available only via the QR code portal. The reason to consider including a special promotion is to make your visitor feel like their time was worth the effort as well as to make the visit measurable. Consider this— once someone redeems the special incentive—or submits their name for a contest—you are then enabled to measure the effectiveness of your printed piece. Applying Web analytics to this private landing page will tell you how many unique people were curious enough to visit your URL via the QR code. However, when someone redeems the incentive, or opts-in to a contest, they are telling you exactly who they are and what they are interested in learning more about. Once you are able to identify the individual and their specific areas of interests, you are then able to match the right program/product and grow revenues while building stronger member/customer relationships.
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Print and technology have converged delivering the proven dependability of print with the endless interactive possibilities of the Internet and e-communications.

You have questions, and we have the solutions. Call us to learn how your communications strategy can thrive by embedding QR Codes within your next print project.

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Imagine The Possibilities

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